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A design chart

A design chart

The more detailed the drawing paper

The closer the package is to the original intention of the design

Select dermoid

Select dermoid

Selection of the highest quality leather, leather thickness

Vernier caliper measurement, accurate to MM

Incoming inspection

Incoming inspection

QC check the incoming materials

Send the materials to the workshop

Dermoid clipping

Dermoid clipping

Draw the paper case according to the drawing, so as to take the bag

The required dermoid a piece of cut out

Dermoid stitching

Dermoid stitching

Pure Handmade, good can use ten dermoid

A few years, the craft is very important

Sewing products

Sewing products

After the splicing of leather, it is necessary to

Cut up the car sewn together, the combination of finished products

Cleaning line

Cleaning line

Cut off the long finished sewing products

Clean the whole bag

Finished product inspection, whole package

Finished product inspection, whole package

QC check the finished product

And then to the packaging group packaging

Pull box customization

Backpack makeup bag customization

Ask for

According to the customer

Seek to make

Out plan

According to customer requirements set out

Each is satisfied with the program

Program validation

Program validation start

Make model

Sample confirmation

Model made according to plan

Final confirmation and start production

Product production

Made in a specified time

Complete the product

100% full inspection

Product manufacturing complete

Clean and check


Finally packaged good delivery

After-sale service

After shipment, product quality encountered

Problems can apply for after-sales service