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Guangzhou Ming Rong Bags Co.Ltd

        Ming Rong bags was founded in 2009, is mainly engaged in professional design, production, customization, sales all kinds of bags, cosmetic bags, leather goods category integrated production-oriented enterprises, the main trolley backpack customization, customization, cosmetic customization, custom leather bags, has been committed to provide quality services to customers customized luggage products from product design, model, implementation, control of raw materials, production and transportation, has a professional team tracking service.

        Ming Rong bags is close to the raw material market, transportation center, in various parts of Guangdong are under a production plant, Guangzhou leather factory, Huadu cosmetic bag, bags and small batch production plant, Dongguan has a large backpack, handbag factory, large box production plant, with a custom class as the main body, to undertake domestic and foreign clients customized products for customer orders, OEM/ODM customization, free brand development, foreign trade business for OEM production, has for a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad to provide gifts, product customization, OEM service, and become a long-term partner.

        Ming Rong bags has a set of perfect quality assurance system and quality management system, including: incoming inspection, on-line monitoring, the final examination of the products at the same time, the industry has advanced management system and perfect quality assurance system, to provide protection for the qualified rate of products. Since its inception, establish the customer first, quality for the purpose of weight, professional excellence, win-win business philosophy, actively introduce talents, set up R & D center, according to the latest trend of the market and customer requirements, and constantly develop new products meet customer needs.



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